Private Lesson Packages

Private lessons for golfers of all ages and skill levels are available at the Gray Plantation Golf Club. Sessions, which range from 45 minutes to an hour, offer players one-on-one instruction with detailed practice regimens and analysis that is sure to help golfers of all ages and abilities improve their golf swings and short game.  Lesson packages are listed and described below.  Please contact the Golf Shop at 337-562-1663 for package pricing.

Single Lesson
Single lessons are focused on the golfer’s specific request. They can range from tee to green, pre-shot, practice methodology, playing lessons or any targeted area they wish to address.

3 Session Package
A series of 3 lessons generally focused with one short game session, one range session, and one playing lesson.  Lesson details and topics vary depending on the student’s goals and practice schedule.

Custom Packages
Custom packages include group lessons, 2 sessions, 4 sessions, month long sessions, multi-hour sessions, etc.  These packages are priced depending on time and are determined by the instructor when asked about scheduling the lessons.

All private lessons are by appointment only and any package purchased by a student are for an individual instructor, so payment and redemption of any lesson series must be done so through that instructor.

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