The Sports Club’s state-of-the-art Fitness Center is the destination for health-minded Members.  The Center features a full array of cardiovascular machines, selectorized weight training equipment, and a complete selection of free weights.

Our certified and trained fitness staff provides guidance, motivation and one-on-one training for the beginner to seasoned exerciser, as well as group fitness programming to help you reach all your fitness goals.

Facility Hours


Group exercise is a great way to get or stay in shape, meet friends and achieve your fitness goals.  Our certified instructors provide motivation, excitement and a challenging environment for all levels of fitness, with a variety of classes to fit your lifestyle.  Several examples are cited below.  For more information on specific classes, please check with the Fitness Desk.

Cardio Tone

Monday: 8:00AM—9:00AM

Classes are one hour long, consisting of cardiovascular training and toning exercises. Cardiovascular portions of the class include interval training on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bicycle. Toning portions of the class consist of weight machines, free weights, body weight exercises or a combination of all.


Monday—Thursday: 9:30AM—10:30AM

Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping, body-blasting fitness program that gets you result fast! It’s a high intensity dance party that fuses cardio, strength, Pilates, hip hop, yoga, and kickboxing.

Intermediate Yoga

Monday: 5:45PM—6:45PM

Perfect for those who are ready to move to the next level in their yoga routine.

Tai Chi & Chi Gung

Tuesday: 5:45PM

Tai Chi is performed in a slow, flowing sequence of movements, like a gentle dance, to improve balance, strength, and coordination, while aligning the spine and bones of the body.  Tai Chi focuses on torso rotations which help massage the internal organs and promote a healthy digestive system and blood circulation.

Water Aerobics

Tuesday-Friday: 8:15AM—9:00AM

only available during summer.

Resistance training and aerobic exercises taking place in our junior Olympic lap pool.

Body Tone

Tuesday—Friday: 8:15AM—9:15AM

only available during spring, fall, and winter.

A high intensity, low impact exercise class that focuses from week to week on a different aspect of fitness, involving various combinations of strength exercises, focus on fundamentals and body appropriateness, designed to keep the metabolism running higher for longer periods of time, all in under an hour!

Strength & Flow Yoga

Wednesday: 5:45PM

A medium intensity, non-ballistic yoga flow routine, focusing on static strength poses paired with various vinyasa flow combinations, connected by the breath and kinesthetic awareness.

Recovery Gentle Yoga

Thursday: 5:45PM

A stress-management-based easy flow of “on-the-mat” poses, designed to focus on breathing, relaxation, release, and recovery as a recuperative tool to counterpoint high-intensity training. Perfect for beginners who are unfamiliar with yoga or those who want to ease into practice.

Saturday Yoga

2nd Saturday of Every Month: 9:30AM—11:00AM

90 Minutes. A combination of the strength Yoga and the Gentle Yoga Classes, beginning gently and ending intensely. The extended period also allows for deeper instruction of individual poses or exploration yoga concepts as applied to fitness. Perfect for beginners who are unfamiliar with yoga or those who want to ease into practice.


Friday: 9:30AM—10:30AM

Consists of  low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements.


Wayne: 337-764-1881
Bethany: 337-304-3690