Tennis Lessons at Gray Plantation Sports Club

The tennis lesson philosophy of Kevin Gillette, resident tennis pro and director tennis, is to build solid fundamentals with each student by setting goals, committing to hard work and discipline to accomplish those goals, and retaining a winning attitude during training and gameplay. Each student is an integral part of the Sports Club tennis family, and we are committed to strengthening your skills while providing a fun environment for learning.

Hitting the tennis ball is one thing, but once that is mastered, the next step in our lessons and tennis clinics is to learn how to strategically move the ball and how to recover. Our tennis pro will then dive into various patterns of play—or when and how to hit the ball depending on what area of the court it is in—and game strategies.

Learning to hone in on targets on the court help to set your point up, get out of trouble, or attack your opponent to keep him or her off-balance. Throughout our lessons, you will learn to develop your unique playing style that best suits your personality, strengths and skills.

The Gray Plantation Sports Club offers regular tennis lessons and clinics to players of all levels. Private, semi-private, Three & Me, and group lessons are available.

Contact the Sports Club front desk (337) 562-1206 ext. 7, to schedule your lesson or pick up an up-to-date calendar in the lobby.

Advanced Tennis Summer Program

Kevin Gillette and Tony Eisiliones

For players to be mentally & physically prepared to compete to the best of their ability for upcoming tournaments.

Morning: combination of live/dead ball drills & point play situations designed to omprove consistency, shot selection, court positioning, and shot tolerance.
Afternoon: combination of singles/doubles practice sets, matches, and point play to help players understand and utilize their specific skill set and game style.

Players are required to come focused, prepared, and 5 minutes early for all sessions. Please bring 2 strung rackets, gatorade or water bottles, a towel, extra shirt, and any other necessary equipment.

$195 per player
Includes 17 hours of on-court training and a t-shirt

June 3rd-6th
June 17th-20th

Sign up at the Sports Club
Contact Kevin Gillette with any questions 601-616-0699


Dynamic warm up, live ball, warm-up focusing on consistency, proper footwork, and mental preparation. Drill courts/tactic based point play situations, and conditioning.

Offsite lunch break. Players are welcome to order lunch at the Sports Club Edge Grill.

Mental toughness/tactical discussion and supervised practice sets/match play.

Tennis Clinics


Women’s Clinic

9:30 AM


Men’s Night



Women’s Clinic


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