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Junior Tennis at Gray Plantation Sports Club

The Gray Plantation Junior Tennis Academy aims to develop the highest-level junior players possible through intense training and mentoring by world-class tennis professionals.

Kevin Gillette, director of tennis, spent his career increasing tennis participation among young enthusiasts. In 2017 he was named the USTA Boys 18’s National Team Coach for the Southern Section and USTA National Boys and Girls Intersectional Coach. He also coached junior tennis player Stevie Johnson, who went on to play on the U.S. Davis Cup team.

Kevin and his team of professionals will be very direct in teaching juniors how to work as a team to accomplish more. While tennis is an individual sport, each player has a responsibility to each other when on a team. When one player is not doing their best, it affects the rest of the team.

Once Kevin feels that the group of juniors is ready to be leaders, they will be asked to mentor players in other groups through hitting balls with them and engaging in gameplay. In order for a player to reach their maximum potential, they need to become leaders and mentor juniors that are less experienced than them.

In addition, the Club also offers a year-round junior tennis program. This program provides our younger members several options for improving and enjoying their game: Personalized Instruction and Training, Specialized Summer Camps, Non-competitive and competitive play. Private lessons are available for all age groups.

This USTA sanctioned program uses low compression balls, smaller equipment, and smaller courts to optimize performance and instill a sense of confidence. We focus on 3 things:

  1. A love for tennis
  2. Athletic Development
  3. Basic Stroke Production

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Lessons for All Age Groups

Little Champions


Ages 4+.
Focuses on the development of movement, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and tracking skills.

Future Champions


Ages 7+.
Focuses on developing the foundations of sound hand-eye coordination and tracking skills.

Junior Academy


Ages 10+.
Focuses on players that are able to serve, rally and understand how to keep score.

Tournament Training


Ages 12+.
Focuses on juniors who are dedicated to working toward achieving state and sectional rankings.

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